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Our clients have peace of mind in the knowledge that our engineers who service their boilers and heating systems are qualified and competent. 

As qualified Gas Safe registered heating engineers, we can repair, install or upgrade any central heating system. Our staff can work quickly and accurately, so our clients can rely on our services.

It is important that today's central heating systems utilize proper thermostatic and time control, in order to reduce energy bills and carbon emission.
Thermostats should be used to:

  • Control the heat to radiators using Thermostatic Radiator Valves (TRV's)

  • Control the heat to the Hot Water Cylinder using a Cylinder Stat

  • Control the overall space heating using a Room Stat

Fitting time control such as a programmer will allow you to set the heating system to come on at times where you require heating or hot water, automatically. So you do not waste money paying for heating when you are in bed or out, and for hot water that is surplus to your requirements.

We can upgrade or install these controls to your existing boiler and savings can still be made if you replace existing controls that are over 12 years old.


Water treatment

Keeping the water that circulates in your heating system in tip top condition is very important. With a clean Central heating System a gas saving of up to 15% can be achieved every time you heat your room, compared to a dirty system.

If fresh water has been added to your heating system either via a Feed & Expansion tank or a Filling Loop, without adding the correct chemicals there is a a danger that sludge will build up in your central heating system resulting in poor performance and an increased risk of boiler breakdowns.

We can provide you with a comprehensive service to ensure that your water is both clean, and correctly dosed with the necessary chemicals. As the heat exchangers in modern boilers use a compact design with narrow waterways, we also advise people to fit Central Heating Filters as a preventative measure to safegaurd against such failures.


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